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"Last Day On Earth"


Trapped like a rat in a comfortable cage
Afraid to go outside and filled up with rage
Feel like I've been separated from the world I once knew
Cut off from my family and friends and severed from you

It's been a couple of months and I'm sick of living in fear
Those ships in the sky haven't moved since they've been here
Watching and waiting or whatever the hell it is they do
It's not knowing your fate that awaits when they make their move

Not so long ago when people were so wrapped up in themselves
Nobody cared about anything or anybody else
Now we're waiting in darkness just to see if we'll live
Just to see if we'll live another day

Well I finally snapped and I went for a walk
The streets were all dead and the cars had all stopped
And the ships in the sky didn't do a goddamned thing
So I raised up my hands to the sky and I began to scream

Can you hear me? Who do you think you are?
What the hell do you want and what are you waiting for?
If I had any weapons I'd blast you right out of the sky
No more hiding away now it's time that we begin to fight

Last Day On Earth

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