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"Last Day On Earth"


To the untrained eye it would seem to appear
That their very existence would be obviously clear
As they haven't shown malice in any regard
They're revealing themselves in our own backyard

To the untrained eye it would seem to suggest
Their intentions are good and it's all for the best
As they haven't fired lasers or heat rays and such
We should be quite secure and go on pretty much

But I pose this question and it must be asked
Why come to our planet if there is no task
Why hang in the sky being silent for weeks
If there is no plot to destroy what they seek

Can anyone say with conviction and might
That all they intend is to better our lives
Who knows at this moment if something's amiss
They could slowly be frying us all to a crisp

As time passes by with no obvious threats
We're becoming complacent and we mustn't forget
That these objects or things could be killing us off
It could start with an ache, it could start with a cough

Now I'm not suggesting that we launch a first strike
We don't know for sure they're endagering our lives
But we mustn't get used to the fact that they're here
Let's keep our eyes open and keep our minds clear

Last Day On Earth

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