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"Last Day On Earth" is the third album from Sun Holes. Recording began in June of 2013 and all 10 tracks have been completed.

This is a concept album that tells the musical story of an unusual alien invasion. Overnight, all around the world, hundreds of thousands of odd and misshapen craft suddeny appear in the skies. For months, they remain there motionless, silent. Humanity is stunned, and nobody knows what to do. Each track is a chapter in this story.


The first track, "Arrival" is an instrumental account of what was supposed to be an ordinary day in the life of mankind, as seen through the eyes of one man. As soon as our subject looks up and sees the unexplained objects in the sky, his world turns upside down.

The second track, "Last Day On Earth" reflects the panic that ensues after the world realizes that it is surrounded by alien craft.

The third track, "Waiting Game" is an instrumental account of global indecision and the fear to make first contact, simply due to the large number of craft around the world.

The fourth track, "Take Me Along" reflects the hopes and dreams of those individuals who have always longed to see--and possibly meet--visitors from another planet.

The fifth track, "Keep Our Eyes Open" reflects the fears of those individuals more cautious than curious.

The sixth track, "A Tranquil Terror" is an instrumental account of the silent and deadly power created by these unexplainable objects that hang lifeless in the skies.

The seventh track, "Trapped" reflects the feelings of those individuals who have stayed hidden in their homes for fear of being seen by the visitors.

The eigth track, "Won't Go Down Without A Fight" reflects the anger and frustration of those individuals who decide that they will no longer be threatened by the presence of the visitors.

The ninth track, "Showdown" is an instrumental account of the brave individuals who decide to lead the march to victory.

The tenth track, Resolve" reveals the end to the story.


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