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"God Project"


If I was an angel
I’d find someone to help
I’d join them in their darkest hour
And save them from themselves

If I was a demon
I’d find someone to hurt
I’d celebrate their darkest hour
And crush them into dirt

I’m no angel, I’m not a demon too, It’s nothing more than you, It’s what you choose to do
I’m no stranger, I’m not a friend as well, Your heaven and your hell, Is what you’re in right now
You might as well be

How did you find me?
I was deep in the dark
There was nothing to indicate that I was on the mark
I saw what happened
I saw what happened
I made it happen

And I’d do the same again, I’d do the same again, I’d do the same again, I’d do the same

Summer days, hot as hell
Sweating just by standing still
I wonder if I'm in the devil's lair
Or would the devil even care?
Makes me think of good and bad
Is there a distinction, have we all been had?
A rose by any other name
Would sting as hot as any flame

But I guess it's all been done, We've all had our fun, And now it's time to pay,
And who's collecting anyway?
That's the question in the end, The question that will never end, The end of questions is the end

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