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"Quantifiable Nothingness"


A padded room just for two,
Conjugal visit, me and you,
When we were done I must have lost my shit,
I told you every bad thing I ever did.
Like my old cell mate,
He was a dick,
Got some girlie magazines and wouldn't share in it,
I had a few things,
I tried to trade,
He wouldn't do it so I found his shoulder blade,
With my shiv.

Then there was Fazio "The Gun",
He was doing life for murder one,
We played some poker in the yard,
I lost my shirt pretty hard,
And so he found me,
In the laundry room,
Said he'd cut my hand off if I didn't pay him soon,
He threw some punches,
I hit the deck,
And when he walked away I introduced his neck,
To my shiv.

It didn't take them long to find out it was me doing all these things,
They threw me in the tank and I was with the dark for an eternity,
But now they look at me so very differently and they won't bother me anymore.

The prison guards leave me alone,
But there was one who didn't know,
He followed me into the shower,
He beat me just to prove his power,
Then on the weekend,
We played the screws,
In a game of baseball and they were about to lose,
I slid to second,
And took him down,
And as it happens he just stayed there on the ground,
With my shiv.

I love my shiv.

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