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"Uh, No"

"UH, NO"

Have you ever seen the sunrise? Uh, no.
Have you seen Titanic capsize? Uh, no.
Is there anything you have seen? Anything at all? Can we talk about the weather? Uh, no.

Have you heard the latest music? Uh, no.
Have you heard what can make you sick? Uh, no.
Do you live inside a vacuum? A shelter underground? Can we have a conversation? Uh, no.

I don't care about the latest fashion trends. I don't wanna read updates from my friends. I don't really give a damn what's on your mind. Don't need to know that you're feeling fine.

There's so much happening these days, you're missing out on everything.

Don't speak, don't tweet, don't don't follow me. Don't friend me, send me anything. No jokes, no pokes, no videos. Just do me a favour and leave me alone.

Your head is buried in the sand, Your fate will be another's plan, You will have no-one else to blame, Your future will remain the same.

Save your breath and your point of view. No matter what you say, not going to listen to you. If you want to change your life then go ahead. I'm going to watch tv and go to bed. Good night.

Have a drink to take the edge off? Uh, no.
Have a think before you kick off? Uh, no.
Should we have a visitation? Or just a burial? Should we put it in the papers? A mention in the Sun? Should we even bother coming? Uh, no.

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