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"Stranger Danger" is the sixth album from Sun Holes. Recording began in early 2017 and the album was released in December of 2017.

This is a concept album about the perils, misconceptions and triumphs of the cyber dating world. It features 10 tracks of original compositions from Norm Berketa. For the first time, it also features a guest vocalist. Lou Saracino, from the band 'Better Living Through Chemistry' sings the title song, "Stranger Danger" in his unique style!

The first track, "Yesteryear" opens the album while recalling the way dating used to be in the 'old days', when people met face to face instead of online.

The second track, "Online" is a haunting melody about the seedy side of people's "relationships" in the cyber world.

The third song, "Solitary Man" is a story about someone who lives and works in a remote place and is subject to lonliness and temptation when it comes to love and sex.

The fourth song, "Kicks" is a story written from the POV of an online abuser who knows he found someone that he can control in a relationship.

The fifth song, "Gettin' Some" is written from the POV of a guy who knows he's "all that" and more. It's a fun and funky tribute to bullshitters everywhere!

The sixth song, "We Made It" tells the success story of a relationship that started online.

The seventh song, "Paint Me A Picture" is a finger-wagging, "I told you so" kind of a song that explores the dangers of falling for someone you really don't know all that well.

The eigth song, "Watch Yourself" is simply a warning to be careful and use common sense. What makes this song special is how and why it was created. Basically, I woke up one morning wondering what kind of song the Beatles would have written about online relationships if they were still together and making music. The idea was not to just imitate them, rather I wanted to write something that reflected their many styles over the years. If I was successful, you'll hear similarities to early Beatles' songs like "Doctor Robert" and some psychadelic tones like "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds", as well as some experimental elements from songs like "I Am The Walrus" and "A Day In The Life".

The ninth song, "I Guess We're Done" is the story of someone who finds out they were dumped because of a post that was put online. According to my daughter, this happens. Unbelievable.

The tenth song is the title song, "Stranger Danger" which sums it all up... beware! This song features my good frined and vocalist, Lou Saracino who handles the lead vocals throughout. This is the first collaboration in Sun Holes' history, and definitely NOT the last! When writing the song, I could hear Lou's voice singing it.

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