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"Industrial Wasteland" is the fifth album from Sun Holes. Recording began in early 2016. The album was released on Bandcamp in 2017.

This is a concept album about industry, technology. waste and greed.

The first track, "Progress" is an instrumental offering.

The second track, "Head In The Clouds" is yet another stab at the ill effects of social media on people.

The third track, "Breath (Your Secret)" is about the need to succeed at all costs, and the effects that has on you and the people around you.

The fourth track, "Big Black Sky" is a take on the environmental hazards of progress.

The fifth track, "Riverboat" is a tale about abandoning society and starting over, only to come full circle again; the idea being that the human race is continually doomed to repeat its history.

The sixth track, "The Perfect Life" tells the story of so many people who make it their goal to keep up with the Joneses.

The seventh track, "Skyscraper" is actually a song about Donald Trump. I had watched a news story on him during his 2016 campaign where someone commented that he would look at a city's skyline, and if there were any open spaces, he'd visualize how to fill them with more buildings. Whether or not he actually feels that way, I thought the idea would make for a good tune.

The eigth track, "War Wounds" is simply about guilt.

The ninth track, "No Going Back" teaches the often repeated lesson that what you do can never be undone.

The tenth track, "Industrial Wasteland" is another take on the environmental hazards of progress, as well as the psychological effects of rapid and sometimes unwanted change.


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